Democracy for Development (D4D) is a think-tank founded by well-qualified individuals who came together guided by a vision that democracy is a precondition for development. The founding members of D4D believe that democracy is both means and ends for development and their mission is to conduct research and reach out to a broad community of stakeholders to make this link apparent. D4D’s goals include the development of independent public policy research in socio-economic development, governance, and formation of political parties as well as the development of inter-ethnic, regional and international relations. The ultimate objective of all activities is to provide solutions for new approaches to tackling persistent challenges. D4D also believes that it is essential to engage stakeholders and help transform their perception of self-interest to something more in line with the public interest.



Rr. Zejnel Salihu, 28 Kati 5/13 10000 Prishtinë, Kosovë
+ 381 38 224 143
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